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Cable Transport Systems (CTS)

Deut818 Systems provides Cable transport systems by installation of Cable and tram ways in various parts of the country which is aimed at improving the living standards of Ugandans as well as backing on the transport sector to reduces traffic rates in Uganda so as to ease mobility in the country.


Electric Tram Systems

Alp Systems in co-operation with Deut818 Systems and other supplier companies budget and plan to establish electric operated tains called trams which are with with variety of functions where by they are the fastest trains which speeds up transport and mobility also favouring the disabled and lame as they provide preserved paramaters for the lame and disabled which makes transport easier than ever.


Software Development

We provide softwares like ecommerce, social media websites and apps like Skyline Chat which is one of our intergrated chat systems, administrative softwares for schools, businesses hospitals, supermarkets, factories and other systems for easy accounting and record keeping where by every record is kept in the database, web design. And much more


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